Italy is located in Southern Europe and has an amazing Mediterranean climate. It is one of the most popular tourist locations to visit in all of Europe and it’s no wonder why. Italy has amazingly beautiful beaches, it is a culture full of art and fashion, its landscapes will take your breath away and the food is to die for.

If you are planning a trip to Italy and are in need of a bed and breakfast to stay at during your visit here are a few options:

Sinfonia Sul Tevere

This fancy bed and breakfast is located on the second floor of a classic 1930s building in Rome. This is a great location being as it is a short walk to some very important artistic and cultural locations.

San Gennaro Castello

Located on Lucca hills wine and olive oil road in the small town center of San Gennaro. This cozy and quaint bed and breakfast has a typical Tuscan architectural design and offers modern B&B services.

B&B la Bella Verona

This adorable bed and breakfast joint is located in Verona, Italy and combines modern and ancient styles which makes it one of a kind. This beautiful B&B is located right next to the ancient wall and only two hundred meters from the well known Arena.

B&B II Palagetto Guest House

Located in Florence, Italy and once the home of prestigious family in the 600s the II Palagetto is now a spacious guest house which still conserves its charming Florentine style.

There are many beautiful and hospitable bed and breakfast options all over the beautiful country of Italy. It really depends where you are visiting and what location you want to be near. Make sure that you look for a place and try to book in advance being as many times the bed and breakfast you were interested in could fill up suddenly.