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Places to stay in Italy as a tourist

What Bed & Breakfasts Are Great For Tourists In Italy?

A bed and breakfast sounds like the perfect place to stay while enjoying your time in Italy, right? While that may be true, you wouldn’t believe how many of them there are in the country. What area of Italy are you staying in? For example, a quick look at bed and breakfasts in Italy showed that one of the most popular ones in Venice is Ca’ Bragadin Carabba.

You can easily book your bed and breakfast online, and you’re going to want to do that because its the best way to make sure you’re getting what you expect. No one wants to show up in a new place without lodging, driving around aimlessly trying to find the best place when they could have found one ahead of time. You’re expecting a nice bed and breakfast, and a few more in Venice include Casa Caburlotto, Relais Piazza San Marco and B&B Riva De Biasio. (more…)

Mistakes To Avoid When Seeking Accommodations In Italy

Taking a trip to Italy is an occasion that can be filled with adventure and excitement. When you are preparing for your travels, finding the best accommodations can certainly set the tone. As long as you avoid the following mistakes, you should have a pleasurable experience.

Failing to comparison shop is a huge mistake when you are looking for a place to stay. There are places out there that can fit into all budgets, so it does not make any sense to settle for something that is not affordable. Of course cleanliness, location and amenities matter, but nailing down a price range and comparing several properties is a good idea.

Ignoring bed and breakfast options, some people are so intent on having a roof over their head and staying at a traditional hotel that they don’t give bed and breakfast inns any thought. This is a huge mistake since the service offered at some of these is second to none. There are different ones all over Italy and they are ready to be reserved by travelers. Do yourself a favor and keep an open mind when trying to decide what type of accommodations are best.

Forgetting to read reviews is a critical error since many people are more than willing to share their experiences with others. Browse online websites, like Yelp, if you want to find out which accommodations others were pleased with. This can give you a guideline to follow when you are traveling and you want to find the perfect place.

The next time you make plans to travel to Italy, make sure you don’t make any of these mistakes. Taking your time to narrow down the selection and comparison shop can go a long way when it comes to finding a place to stay that you will be satisfied with.

Choosing a Place to Stay While Touring Italy

Wherever you plan to travel when visiting Italy, you have the option of staying in a cozy, comfortable bed and breakfast. This is one of the most romantic and intimate ways to enjoy a stay in any region in Italy.

Before you book your flight, you will want to take the time to explore all the options you have for staying as a tourist at the many bed and breakfast inns available. There are several reputable and informative websites based out of Italy which provide the most up-to-date information available.
You have over 60,000 choices when staying at a bed and breakfast in Italy. You will want to do careful research before you book your stay.
Many of these are family owned and they offer some of the best service together with the best experience a tourist can have when exploring all of Italy. (more…)

Bed and Breakfast Options In Italy

Italy is located in Southern Europe and has an amazing Mediterranean climate. It is one of the most popular tourist locations to visit in all of Europe and it’s no wonder why. Italy has amazingly beautiful beaches, it is a culture full of art and fashion, its landscapes will take your breath away and the food is to die for.

If you are planning a trip to Italy and are in need of a bed and breakfast to stay at during your visit here are a few options:

Sinfonia Sul Tevere

This fancy bed and breakfast is located on the second floor of a classic 1930s building in Rome. This is a great location being as it is a short walk to some very important artistic and cultural locations.

San Gennaro Castello

Located on Lucca hills wine and olive oil road in the small town center of San Gennaro. This cozy and quaint bed and breakfast has a typical Tuscan architectural design and offers modern B&B services. (more…)

Bed and Breakfasts to Stay at While Visiting Italy

There are over 65,000 bed and breakfast inns throughout Italy. They are found wherever you are planning to travel. Stay in a cozy farmhouse in the country. Enjoy family accommodations in a country house or stay in a seaside cottage.

The best time to book your stay is a soon as you book your flight. There are so many options to explore in regions all over Italy. You will want to take advantage of the information available to you at Italian bed and breakfast websites.

These allow you to view all the details of the accommodations. Some offer non-smoking rooms, others offer free WiFi and still others have Jacuzzis and pools available for you to use during your stay.

The best part about using the sites is that you can see when the bed and breakfast is available to take your booking. You can also book your stay directly on the website just as you would book your flight or hotel on a traditional travel website.

Bed and breakfasts are suitable for individual travelers, couples, and families. You want to be sure to book a stay at the most appropriate place for your needs. If you are a tourist, look for places that are family owned. These are best for getting the true Italian experience along with good advice on places to see as you travel in the area.

Some places offer family-style dining while others offer kitchens inside the cottage or room. If this is the case, you want to be sure you know where to get food staples in the area. Most bed and breakfast owners will be able to help you in this regard.

Get ready to have a wonderful, authentic Italian experience. Book your stay at a bed and breakfast now.

Ciao Italia!

Ciao everyone! My name is Kim and I am super excited to travel to Italy in a few months! I am learning Italian and can’t wait to see the great countryside and wineries. My husband Jeff and I love Italian wines so we plan to visit some of the most famous.

I was told that the bed and breakfasts in Italy are amazing, so I thought that I would document my findings and write about it to get some of this electric energy out! Haha! Okay, stay tuned for my articles really soon! Thanks!